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About the Project
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The Project:
"Quality Improvement of the Doctoral and Introduction of the Postdoctoral Studies in Social and Human Sciences: Maintaining National Identity in the Global World (BPD2004-ESF2.5.0-03-05/0058)"

SPD Measure 2.5 "Improvement of the quality of human resources for R&D and innovation",
ctivity 1 "Master, doctoral and postgraduate studies and mobility in the priority fields of R&D"

24 months, from June 01, 2006 until May 30, 2008

Institute of the Lithuanian Language

P. Vileišio g. 5, LT-10308 Vilnius, Lithuania
Vytautas Magnus University

K. Donelaicio g. 58, LT-44248 Kaunas, Lithuania


Project Director:

Prof. Marius Povilas Šaulauskas

The Head of Department of Logic and History of Philosophy, Vilnius University

Universiteto g. 9/1, LT-01513 Vilnius, Lithuania

Tel.: +370-5-2667604, fax: +370-5-2667600


Brief Description of the Project


Implementation of the Project is concerned with two main problems. First, the qualifications provided to the PhDs in Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) are to be improved to successfully compete in the employment market and professionally accomplish the R&D, especially in the priority field of maintaining national identity in the global world. Second, there is no officially approved and effectively operating system of postgraduate studies, which would stimulate and motivate young PhDs to pursue career in HSS sciences.

Tackling with the above mentioned problems the implementation of the Project is aimed at these two solutions. First, improving the quality of the doctoral study programs in the fields of political science, philology, history, communication and information, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and economics. Second, organizing advanced postdoctoral studies for the PhDs in HSS. It should be emphasized that thereby a complex whole of postgraduate research would be envisaged, which could also be used to systematically stimulate other R&D priorities on the level of doctoral as well as postdoctoral studies.

Postdoctoral studies should be established along the lines drawn from the deliberate analysis of the best practices available in foreign Universities and other scientific institutions. No model of postdoctoral studies is given a try in Lithuania and the fourth stage of studies is not validated (due to the absence of legal regulation), while in EU and other developed countries multi-stage studies that include the fourth stage postdoctoral studies, targeted at the improvement of expertise of young scientists, have already proved their purpose.

Postdoctoral studies have been institutionally recognized and implemented in the leading universities and other research centers as the most effective way for the PhD to entrench in the present world of science. Such studies within HSS usually take around up to five years to enable young PhDs not only to fortify their skills for the independent personal research, but, which is most important, to form the basic long term parameters of their further academic career, such as genuine problematics of their research, required potential of their courses taught, and the start-up stock of international scientific circulation and contacts.

Hence, the successful implementation of the Project would not only improve present PhD study programs, but also create the pilot model of postdoctoral studies, which could well be applied nationwide in the academic bodies not participating in the Project.

To successfully realize the Project and to achieve the maximum possible outcome, the Project is implemented in the six HSS institutions of Vilnius University: Faculty of Philosophy, Faculty of History, Faculty of Philology, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Economics, and the Institute of International Relations. All these Faculties and the Institute run a variety of PhD study programs and employ highly qualified staff which is active not only in scientific research, but is also well experienced in promoting, organizing and implementing a wide scale of national and international projects.



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